French West Indies, part the Caribbean, are popular for French people seeking sun, beaches, warmth and so on. But Americans may have rarely heard about Guadeloupe, which is a French Overseas department (an equivalent to a state, more or less).

I grew up in Guadeloupe. An archipelago, half Caribbean, half French with all the advantages of both.

I hope you will enjoy my efforts to make you discover it and wish it will make you want to come!

You may wonder why you would want to go to somewhere you’ve never heard of before.


First, it’s in the Caribbean! Do I really have to say more?

Plus, you will love all the landscapes diversity you’ll find there. It’s an archipelago as I said, and each island has its own personality. You just can’t visit a part of it, or it would leave you totally incomplete (am I going too far? Maybe…).

Then, food! Food, man! Everything you may desire… Even if you didn’t know that exists! We have traditional food you. Have. To. Taste. Seriously.

You like sport? Scuba diving, surf, hiking kayaking, or just tanning (yeah that’s some sport), just get ready for the adventure!

And please, don’t forget the culture part! Many festivals, many events you definitely have to see by yourself!

To finish, I would add just one thing. Several airline companies met you come from more and more cities. Come on guys, just try it, you won’t be disappointed!


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